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節目:共醉會 2018-10-17

主持:Kevin Ho,Houghton會長,Anthony,Davy

嘉賓:David Glancy MS, CWE

今天內容:特別訪問來自三藩市的侍酒大師 David Glancy MS, CWE

Today topic: Special Interview with Mr. David Glancy MS, CWE on "Discover California Wines Asia Tour

全一節:加州酒新潮流; 清涼酒區特色; 加州2018; 下一波加州潮人酒區, 三藩市+矽谷的葡萄酒教育, CWE考試新安排, Discover Cal Wine Asia Tour.

New trends in Cal Wines, cool climate wine regions, vintage 2018, up and coming AVA's, wine educations in San Francisco & Silicon Valley.


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