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《RAGAZINE 3721 聽正會 - 從紀錄攝影到藝術大作》

Ragazine 3721聽正會 - 從紀錄攝影到藝術大作

日新月異的攝影科技讓我們隨流隨地拿著手機也可以 selfie 一下!三丶四十年前還是菲林機年代,要紀錄那一刻往往也要思前想後一番. 現在我們日常生活的拍攝又怎可以成為藝術呢,呢個星期六,我們有 Joe Chan 分享

Rapid advancement in technology has made photo taking a very simple task, we can, for example, easily capture images of ourselves just by a tap on our smart phone. But what was it like 30-40 years ago when things were not so convenient? How did we record and capture our precious moments back when the cameras were still running on photographic films and how did every-day photography took form as an art? This Saturday we have Mr. Joe Chan to share with us his experience in photography.

日期 : 2017 年 11 月 18 日 (星期六)
時間 : 下午兩時半至四時半
票價 : 會員價 $80 (Ragazine會員及藝穗會會員) / 非會員 $100 (*包一杯非洒精飲品, 蒸餾咖啡除外)
講者 : 陳德廉博士 (攝影師丶香港大學經濟學系教授)
地點 : 藝穗會 Fringe Club 冰窖
地址 : 中環下亞厘畢道2號
附款方法 : 存入(Ragazine New Media Company Limited) 於匯豐銀行戶口(號碼:652-593039-838),連同閣下的名字, 電話及入數收據電郵至 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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