61. Test Your Palate (廣告)


TEST YOUR PALATE 2018 (Ragazine會員優惠)

Test Your Palate由國泰香港國際葡萄酒與烈酒品評大賽舉辦嘅年度盛事,以自助形式可以自行試飲來自世界各地超過300款葡萄酒同烈酒,而且好多都喺市面搵唔到!可以同時間試到唔同國家、品種、風格嘅葡萄酒及烈酒。

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10th Test Your Palate - Happy Hour with Wine, Spirits & Food門價已經公開發售中: https://testyourpalate2018.eventbrite.hk


Test Your Palate is the annual blockbuster event by Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition. Presented buffet style (read: pick and pour your own!), you can taste your way through over 300 wines & spirits from all over the world at your own pace - many of them not available in Hong Kong. It's a great chance for students to taste and compare different countries, varieties, styles of wine (& spirits!) all in one spot.

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10th Test Your Palate - Happy Hour with Wine, Spirits & Food Tickets available at Eventbrite now: https://testyourpalate2018.eventbrite.hk

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